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Black Raspberry Dog Perfume Spray

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In our Black Raspberry dog perfume and cologne spray, the aroma of ripe raspberries combined with hints of strawberry, sandalwood, jasmine, vanilla, and musk create an intoxicating scent that won't go unnoticed. With a couple spritzes, your pup will be turning heads all day long! In aromatic harmony, our unique formula captures the essence of summer fruits into one fantastic perfume blend.

Your canine friend deserves a luxury perfume that is both gentle and soft in touch. That's why we have carefully crafted our dog perfumes at Houndsly USA from only natural ingredients, free of harsh chemicals.

So don't wait - let your pup experience the aromatic difference today with Houndsly USA's Black Raspberry scented dog perfume!


Product Details
All our scents are hand made in the USA using our gentle, long lasting formula developed by our founders in the UK! Using only the best quality human-grade ingredients, our dog perfumes are completely alcohol, aldehyde, paraben and sulphate free! Available in 4oz spray and 32oz eco refill!

How to Use

Shake well. Mist over coat, being careful to avoid eyes and and broken skin. If irritation occurs, discontinue use.